vietnam work visa how to get fastly

How to get vietnam work visa criminal record? We would like to notify individuals who are foreigners (who have been residing in Vietnam and abroad) about the time and cost to get criminal record for work permit as follows:

Vietnam work visa criminal record Document

What you need acceptable forms of government issued identification:

  1. Photo of main page of your Passport
  2. Photo of Temporary residence card or Vietnam visa
  3. Your country Permanent address.
  4. Application form.

The Vietnam criminal record application process

  • Create a Register in website
  • Complete the online application form, pay the fee and schedule an appointment to submit the documents to the nearest Department of Justice.
  • Police verification: Personal presence is mandatory
  •  The documents may be collected in person. There is also another option to have directly to the Department of Justice address via registered/speed post.

Location options to get Vietnam work visa criminal record

You can choose to pick up your Police check from one of our designated locations:

  • If you work by yourseft, you will get it in Department of Justice where you live in Vietnam.
  • If you outside Vietnam, you can get it in Vietnam National Center for Criminal Record. Address: #9 Tran Vy, Ba Dinh Dist, Hanoi city.
  • Choose our Police check service, please take it in our office or we could send it to your home.

Processing time to pick up

  • About 15 days to take it up from Department of Justice.
  • But may it take more time, fluctuate due to applications volume and time of year.

Due to the pandemic, Ho Chi Minh Department of Justice is currently closed to the public. You must comply with infection prevention measures, you can contact us at: 0934 151 626 – 0904 895 228, support to get a police check in Vietnam, fastly and cheap.

Way to get Vietnam work visa criminal record fastly and easy

Case you want to get from:

  • 1 – 7 business days.
  • 10 business days.
  • Door to door delivery.
  • No need to go to our office directly, online support, responsibility.
  • Punctually.
  • Safe.

The fee for service: 1600k++. More than 02 people, the fee of making criminal records No. 1, No. 2 shall be discounted.

  • Notarization and translation of Police check into English: VND 100,000/copy within 01 working day. For other foreign languages, please contact (Tel/Zalo/Whatsapp): +84 982 528 589.
  • Legalization of criminal records shall vary: 01 working day, the fee is depending on each Consulate Agency.

We provide quickly Police check service: 24h, From 1 to 7 working days and 10 days with lower fee..

  • Greencanal Travel Việt Nam.
  • Branch: Room 101, #1 Floor, 168 Vo Thi Sau, 8 Ward, 3 dist, HCM city. Tel: 028 3824 8838, hotline: +84-982-528-589
  • Head office: 42 Doi Can str, Ba Dinh Ward, Hanoi. Tel: 028 3724 5292, hotline: +84-904-895-228
  • Hours of Operation: Excluding statutory holidays, Satuday, Sunday, Department of Justice work between 08:30 hours to 16:30 hours.
  • Working day: Monday to Friday.

Notes when take the results of Vietnam work visa criminal record

  • Please check all the information on this Criminal Record Certificate. please notify our staff for timely processing if there is an error in any information. Your letter shall be reissued after being amended and returned you immediately.
  • Please provide the contact information of the recipient of the Criminal Record Certificate.
  • Criminal Record Certificate which has incorrect contents will be issuied by Department of Justice

For questions and queries

For any information, please contact to receive a quick reply from the Criminal Record No. 1, No. 2. Support Call Center via phone (tel/zalo/whatsapp) or email or text message.

  • Hotline: (+84) 982 528 589 – 0934 151 626
  • Tel: 024 3724 5292 – 028 3824 8838
  • Email: [email protected]

FAQ – Vietnam work visa criminal record

Is Vietnam work visa criminal record at permanent and present address?

Vietnam work visa criminal record will be done at both permanent and present address.

Which is the number of Vietnam work visa criminal record?

The Vietnam criminal record to make work permit is Number 1.

How long is Vietnam work visa criminal record valid?

Valid for a period of 6 months.


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