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Your lover boyfriend element pair also broke the law

“While they love each other, my eyes caught your girlfriend I had dated with another guy.”

I have a best friend, this friend is in love with a girl who is also very beautiful, they love each other is about 6 months. While they love each other, my eyes caught your girlfriend I had dated with another guy. I want to have evidence to help his friend, I have watched my friend’s girlfriend and has photographed your girlfriend at home I stay with someone else. I was thinking whether to tell it to you straight I do not fear him because he was still shocked dearly love another girlfriend.

I approached my friend about the relationship of two people, my friend insisted that girl well with you. Should I tell my friends and family know you’re suspicious about the relationship of the girl without the images I shoot it? So I have not violated the law? I have to be happy your people out yourself?

Lawyers advise:

Personal image is the personal rights of the individual person. This right is protected by law and are specified in the Civil Code of 2005. The use of personal photos or publish privacy of an individual and that person must be agreed, unless the published by decision of state agencies having jurisdiction.

In your case, if you use the image of the girl without the consent of her, besides the images sensitive (picture girl in motels with others), then your behavior would violate the law because: in accordance with Article 31 of Civil Code 2005 on “the rights of individuals to the pictures,” “individuals have the right to his own image. The use of images of individuals must have the consent “and” strictly prohibited to use other people’s images that violate the honor, dignity and prestige of the picture. “. At the same time, as stipulated in Clause 2, Clause 3, Article 25 of the Civil Code, the individual’s personal rights have been violated, that person is entitled: “Request the infringer or request agencies, organizations competent to order the infringer to cease the violation, apology, public correction; Request the infringer or request agencies and organizations authorized to order the infringer to pay damages “.

Even that girl image in motels with others highly sensitive, so if there are sufficient grounds to prove you distribute images aimed at a specific person (in this case the girl) to exposure of stigmatization dignity and honor that person, you can fully guilty “to humiliate others,” which is defined in Article 121 of the Criminal Code of Vietnam.

So whether you plan to use the photos as evidence for the girl betrayed your friend, without her consent is a violation of law, girls may also be the opposite event.

Before you use the images that you wish to think carefully about their legal responsibility to bear.

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