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Who dares to buy cars called ‘prostitute’?

Ople form Ascona – Ascona in Spanish and Portuguese means “female genitalia” ….

Most of these names are still used to name the car that we daily have its origin, or be set on the basis of invoking or intentional. However, with the car name to become “catastrophic”.

E-class and the letter “E” is taken from the term “Einspritz” in German, means “fuel injection”, “Touareg” Volkswagen only one tribe who reside in the Sahara Desert vicinity, Corolla means Corolla or Gentra is a combination of gentleman – elegant man and transport – vehicles …

Those are things we do not know or know little about the origin of the name of the car has become quite common. And that is the example of the car name meaningful, successful and timely lead to the success of the product.

Also another aspect, also very interesting that I want to mention, it’s the story of “half crying, half laughing,” the name of the car being “out of step”. Because not delve into the language and culture of each market in which the company aims to get silly mistakes in naming his car.

Each model was born normally called for more market share, but not everywhere carries a similar meaning. There are mistakes at the expense of poor business results and forced death.

Those of Chevrolet marketing research did not look quite carefully and compared the language when naming a tone coupe its momentum is Nova. Woe, in Spanish, Nova also has a different meaning is “not run.” It’s hard to cars sales reached well its significance when such negative again in the Spanish market.

Or as Mazda Laputa – a model of the Japanese car manufacturer also met “difficult” in the Spanish market as “Laputa” in Spanish means “prostitute”. Who will dare to buy a car with such sensitive name?

The Mitsubishi Pajero in Vietnam is very well known and used. The name, though long filenames but still be remembered as a versatile car, powerful and versatile. However, in the land of bull, Pajero mean stupid. Do you dare to buy it, dare drive it before the ridicule of friends?

Another example for the comedy in naming the car is the Buick LaCrosse. When introducing this model in Canada, the Buick was too negligence when not paying attention to Quebec, where the French speaking, Lacrosse means “masturbating teenagers”.

This is getting more serious when a car name also “touch” to the delicate language. For example, samples Ople Ascona – Ascona in Spanish and Portuguese means “female genitalia” Honda Fitta or – In the Swedish and Norwegian are Fitta also means female genitalia .

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