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Copyright movies online: easy to say difficult

If Vietnam apply measures to handle the situation as copying online movie Korean authorities are doing, then first of all, hundreds of movie sites and collect advertising activities illegally could be “moved “even for a moment.

That is content his speech Jung Tea Sun, CEO Group CJE & M Korea in Vietnam, at the seminar topic “Copyright protection in the field of cinema and television in the digital environment” took place the morning 23-4 in the city, by the Copyright Bureau, the Intellectual property and Communications Electronics Association organized HCMC.

According to Jung Sun Tea, early 2000s, when communications technology began to develop rapidly, the entertainment industry rapid growth and demand for cultural entertainment products in Korea increased, then at this country, victims of piracy is also common and “awkward” as the situation in Vietnam today. Until recently, the situation is still serious: 2011, Korea has 2.7 billion copyright infringement cases; 2013, the value of the copyright violations of up to 4,000 billion won (about 3.8 billion US dollars).

“Just take 20% of the 4,000 billion won for investment that is needed to develop a strong film industry,” he said Jung Sun Tea.

And according to him, the solution that the South Korean authorities are taking to handle piracy in the digital environment, such as: changing laws, increased penalties when a violation is detected, promote lawsuits copyright to place to place, building identification system violated regulations by operating the website tries to install a control program to remind mode, automatic alerts with suppliers and use when signs of piracy.

Many experts at the workshop Protection of copyright in the field of cinema and television insist that wants anti-piracy, then the original problem is in the strict sense of the law and the people. Photo: Nguyen Vinh

But according to Mr. Jung, in the fight against piracy, the people’s awareness of intellectual property is still the most important key.

Meanwhile, lawyer Phan Vu Tuan, chief of the Intellectual Property Association of Vietnam, pointed out another fact: in Vietnam, there are hundreds of active sites on the net films, publicity piracy , but so far, only three sites were processed. He hopes the next time, the protection of copyright in the digital environment film in Vietnam will be more stringent.

Whilst the majority sentiment that movies online copy if not for trading is not illegal, master Pham Thi Kim Oanh, Deputy Head of the Department for Protection of Copyright Vietnam, stressed: “Although arbitrarily copy, get movies over the network as your business goals, but once without permission of the copyright holder, they can always be provided to the crime of copyright infringement. “

And artist Xuan Hai, from the Cinema Department concerns: “With a call for countries in developing socialization film without treatment are victims of piracy is very difficult for business investors investment, especially affecting the transactions with external partners. In the long term, foreign publishers do not dare sell film rights in Vietnam anymore, because too risky. It was great damage to public cinema. “

The workshop raised hot situation, but like many seminars against piracy, copyright in recent times, often end up in the state “is easy to say, hard refresh”.

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