Copyright movies online: easy to say difficult

If Vietnam apply measures to handle the situation as copying online movie Korean authorities are doing, then first of all, hundreds of movie sites and collect advertising activities illegally could be “moved “even for a moment. That is content his speech Jung Tea Sun, CEO Group CJE & M Korea in Vietnam, at the seminar […]

Heavy fines if online sales are not registered

Individuals and businesses operating in the field of electronic commerce (e-commerce) in the forms of e-commerce websites selling, e-commerce website service providers and other types of sites will be fined heavily if online sales are not registered. Electronic Commerce and Department of Information Technology (MOIT) said, after the date 01/01/2014 individuals, businesses operating in the […]

Your lover boyfriend element pair also broke the law

“While they love each other, my eyes caught your girlfriend I had dated with another guy.” I have a best friend, this friend is in love with a girl who is also very beautiful, they love each other is about 6 months. While they love each other, my eyes caught your girlfriend I had dated […]

The family has requested court divorce settlement?

FOUL: Hi lawyer My brother got married (registered marriage). After a period of cohabitation, I discovered his sister to borrow a lot of money for usury until now lost the ability to pay. Sister had left two small children to stay with their mother and the mother. My family wanted me to divorce him but […]

The right to adopt children when divorcing

1. Right-divorce parenting When divorced spouses should have equal rights to each other in the matter of children, including child rights after a divorce is legally recognized and regulated by the Law on marriage and family rights reared 2014. Accordingly children after divorce is specified in Article 81 as follows: “after the divorce, parents still […]

How old are considered employees?

FOUL: Offers Lawyers, I capital contribution with friends to open a small factory making bamboo. Because where I rented a small studio with a lot of you aged 15-17 and so I want to pay the full rent. But some people say if I hire my children do violate labor laws. Dear lawyers have this? […]